End-Cap Fusion Splicer™ (ECS)

The rapid developments in fiber laser technologies and the increased demand of high-power fiber laser component fabrication has created the need for a dedicated and cost-effective end-cap splicer. It must be capable of processes outside of those available with standard production fusion splicers and glass processing equipment. These new capabilities must be ideal for production and R&D environments yet sophisticated enough to satisfy the stringent requirements of fiber laser fabrication.

3SAE Technologies End-Cap Splicer™ (ECS) is the world's first portable end-cap fusion splicer that provides capabilities that overcome the limitations of current end-cap splicing processes to meet the most demanding requirements for the high-power fiber laser component fabrication. The ECS was specially designed for volume production, repeatability , precision and user-friendly operation while maintaining unprecedented end-cap splice quality. The ECS leverages 3SAE's patented PentaPod™ alignment stages and latest 3rd generation Ring of Fire® heat source. With the combination of a precision mechanical design, high contrast optics, absolute control of relative positional and angular fiber-to-endcap alignment, and a next generation highly stable ROF plasma source, sets the ECS apart from any existing technologies. Additionally, a new splice scanning technology provides a detailed analysis of the splice quality and facilitates 3SAE's “Curvature-Based Thermal Splice Calibration™.”


Key Features

> Specifically designed to accurately splice end-caps to fibers for R&D and production environments

> The ECS can also be used to perform bundle-to-fiber splices of various diameters.

> The unique, patented PentaPod™ alignment stages are compact, rigid, and stable.

> Both the fiber and end-cap stages provide individual alignment in X, Y, and Z as well as Pitch, Yaw, and Theta yielding 6-axes of motion control (X, Y, Z, Xϴ, Yϴ, Zϴ) per side.

> ±6mm of relative linear alignment (X, Y, Z axes) with positional accuracy <0.1μm

> ±6°of angular alignment (Xϴ, Yϴ, Zϴ axes) with positional accuracy <0.01°

> A new implementation of the 3SAE Ring of Fire® (ROF) technology provides superior thermal stability for applications from 125μm to 2.5mm fiber diameter.

> Sophisticated machine vision provides the highest alignment quality and facilitates detailed process evaluation. Two Orthogonal (X & Y) live views of the splice during the splicing process

> New splice scanning technology provides a detailed analysis of the splice quality and facilitates 3SAE’s Curvature Based Thermal Splice Calibration™.

> Fiber and end-cap are fixtured in removeable, interchangeable carriages that can be customized to specific applications.

> Accurate control of the vertical alignment of the ROF with respect to the end-cap & fiber ensures even circumferential thermal distribution during the splice.

> Highly flexible splice process allows continuous control of arc temperature and fiber placement during the splice.

> Pre & post splice data export for convenient splice tracking and data analysis.

> An optional, integrated active feedback module is available facilitating output beam steering during the splicing process.


Technical Specifications

> Dimensions: 398 (W) x 305 (D) x 250 (H) mm

> Weight: ~27lbs

> Power Source: (1) 24VDC, 8.3A

> Control / Operation: Included high -performance Windows PC

> Glass Diameter: 125um to 2.5mm

> Slice Programs: > 1000

> Splice Data Storage: Max. 20,000

Standard Package

  • ECS Main Body
  • (1) Left FH Carriage
  • (1) Right FH Carriage
  • (1) AC Adapter
  • (1) AC Power Cord
  • (1) Spare set of ROF electrodes
  • (1) Electrode Cleaning Disk
  • User Manual
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • PC/Monitor with all necessary software, accessories and interconnect cables.


  • Left ECS Fiber Holders: 250um, 400um, 700um, 1000um, 1500um, 2000um, 2500um
  • Right ECS Fiber Holders: 250um, 400um, 700um, 1000um, 1500um, 2000um, 2500um
  • Right ECS End-Cap Holders: 1.1-7mm & 5-12mm (all are non-vacuum)
  • Vacuum based end-cap holding system for supporting end-caps during splicing (will support most end-caps < 10mm in length)
  • Hard Transport Case