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Burch Investment Group, LLC.

Led by Lucius E. Burch, III, The Burch Investment Group, a private venture capital firm in Nashville, Tennessee, formerly known as Massey Burch Investment Group, Inc., formed in January 1994 as the continuation of the investing activities of Jack C. Massey and Lucius E. Burch, III. Massey and Burch began making venture capital investments in 1968 at Massey Investment Company. Increasing venture opportunities fueled the formation of Massey Burch Investment Group in 1981.

Since it's founding, Massey Burch's investment philosophy has focused on the quality and charisma of a management team and a venture's first-to-market business solution. The success of this approach has resulted in the growth of many companies in new industries, such as Redgate Communications (acquired by America Online) Digex, Inc. (acquired by Intermedia Communications), @Plan, inc. (acquired by DoubleClick, Inc.) and USinternetworking, Inc.

Massey Burch and its predecessors has managed over $250 million and supported the growth of over 60 companies in a wide variety of industries. More recently the firm is focusing on early stage companies within information technology, communications and health care services. Due to its continuing presence in the south, it has become a highly distinguished name in the southeastern region of the venture capital industry.

Furukawa Electric Company

The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1884 and since that time has played a dominant role in the growth of the global marketplace. Since manufacturing the world's first optical fiber cable in 1974, Furukawa has lead the development of optical fibers by establishing a total production system for products ranging from high-performance silica-based optical fibers to a variety of optical fiber cables manufactured under the brand name "FITEL".

Born from "Furukawa Information Technologies and Telecommunications," the Fitel brand has expanded to include not only optical components, but also, fusion splicers, connectors and various optical-related products. With years of experience and a deep understanding for customer needs, the name has become synonymous with advanced technologies and unbeatable quality.

In 2001, The Furukawa Electric Co. Group welcomed OFS to its family. By developing a strong collaboration between FITEL and OFS, we are able to provide even greater range of cutting edge technology solutions to our customers worldwide.

WE CAN serve our customers as a total-solutions provider in the field of optical systems.

OFS Optics

OFS was the first commercial producer of optical fibers, and the first to market many of the fiber optic products that today set industry standards. OFS developed the first application specific fiber, the first optical connectors, the first ribbon cables, the first attenuators, and dozens of additional breakthroughs that enabled the fiber optics revolution.

OFS Bell Laboratories legacy, combined with the experience of the Furukawa research, continues in the activities of thousands of OFS employees who work to make voice, data and video transmission faster, cleaner, more cost effective and more reliable.

OFS fiber manufacturing plant in Norcross, U.S.A. (in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia), which began producing optical fiber in 1976 and has been continuously modernized, is one of the world's largest fiber optic manufacturing facilities. OFS operates additional fiber optic plants in Denmark, Germany, Russia and multiple U.S.A. locations.

OFS has put their development and manufacturing resources at work in applications to the home, customer premises, through cities, and across countries and oceans. OFS products and solutions help service providers, municipalities, network operators, and home developers, among others, to meet the exploding demand for bandwidth as the Internet and data communications become omnipresent worldwide.

Ericsson Network Technologies

For several years, beginning with Amherst FiberOptics, we have been the sole North American distributor, service and support for Ericsson Network Technologies AB. As of 2006, Ericsson made the strategic decision to discontinue their fusion splicing line to focus on other core markets.

3SAE Technologies will continue to provide worldwide service, repair, spare parts and technical support for the complete line of Ericsson fusion splicers, fiber optic recoaters, cleavers and accessories. We will continue to offer refurbished Ericsson equipment as available.

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