Fitel Fusion Splicer Repair Center

3SAE Technologies

As a Fitel Fusion Splicer Service Center we provide repairs, spare parts and technical support for the complete line of S185 Fusion Splicers and accessories. We also offer refurbished Fitel fusion splicers as available.

3SAE fully services and supports our own line of U.S. manufactured products including several custom engineered products and technologies. We offer extended service agreements, on-site service contracts, preventative maintenance programs and several other technical support services.

Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround is available upon request at a premium service rate.

To reach a service technician, please contact us at:

Service Department:
Tele: 615-764-9644

RMA Service Procedure:

  • Step 1: Contact 3SAE Technologies at 615-778-8812 and speak directly with a Service Technician to determine the problem with your equipment. If problem cannot be solved via the telephone, ¬†an RMA Service Quote will be issued. The RMA Service Quote will be sent to you by way of email or fax. If product is no longer under warranty, the RMA Service Quote will have only a basic diagnostic bench charge.
  • Step 2: Once the equipment is received by us, it will be inspected and the total cost of the repair established (if any). An updated Service Quote will be sent to you outlining the diagnostic findings and the total cost for repairs.
  • Step 3: Once your updated Purchase Order is received the work will begin. We require a hard copy of your Purchase Order be sent via fax or email in order to schedule the required service and ship the unit back to you once the job is completed.
  • Step 4: If you decide not to proceed with the repair, the only charge will be the basic diagnostic bench charge. Return shipping cost can be paid for either by using your shipping account number (Federal Express or UPS carrier is preferred) or 3SAE will prepay and add the shipping cost to your invoice. Please be sure to specify how the equipment should be returned either by 1 day overnight, 2nd day air, or 3 day air service. If no preference is specified then our default shipping method is 3 day air service.

We require all equipment to be shipped via FedEx Express Saver air or its equivalent through other carriers/shippers.